An alternative way of beingThis decision comes down from the Robe Gods, and Joey B says, “Be peaceful, be peaceful,” and there are ACTUALLY people still saying, “Vote in November” right now in this very moment, so it’s easy to go, “Man, without access to a flamethrower, I think I’m pretty powerless here.”
People you compare yourself to, and publications in which you imagine yourself featured instead of the people you compare yourself to.
That feeling of relief was so real for a minute that I want to hold onto it, no matter how imperfect the message.
Audre Lorde's Erotic hopeLet’s try something different. I wanted inspiration in the midst of so much darkness, so I turned to a familiar source of comfort for me, Audre Lorde’s…
Hope is the thing with talonsI’m not the guy to write about the shootings, but that’s what I’m doing. Because we’re here, and I want you to stay here. With me. It’s hell, and I need…
the lessons we’re perpetually learning are hard won and thus easy lost
So I hovered above the rim and pushed, sweating in the heat and under the weight of a backpack I didn’t want to set on the floor, shaking as my blood…
While it probably shouldn’t be this easy to get credit for learning, as long as the credit’s available, I’ll take it. Call it fuckboy activism.
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